Hovig Vartanian 6-22-16

Hovig Vartanian is our Chiropractor member. Hovig stated that most clients that he sees come because they are seeking a short term solution to a long-term problem. Usually the site of the pain they are experiencing is not necessarily the site of where their problem is. Hovig said that he is tasked to find out where the pain started. He gave us a handout” “Chronic Pain and Headaches”. There are some common findings in a chronic pain patient. !. History of Trauma – often masked with pain medication without addressing the injury with therapy. 2. Repetitive stress or posture syndrome – sitting without the proper posture can lead to muscle imbalance. 3. Balance Difficulties – what seems like a slight problem and lead to bigger problem later on if balance is impaired or muscle weakness. 4. Muscular imbalance – history of trauma and repetitive stress can lead to muscular imbalance and the compensatory muscle groups. 5. Poor diet and lifestyle – poor diet can lead to liver and colon issues which can lead to leaky gut even leaky brain. Remember Hovig Vartanian and North Suburban Physicians Group when you hear your associates mention that they are experiencing pain and are looking for relief.

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