Howard Meyer 10-16-19

Getting the inside scoop and creating opportunity is Howard Meyer’s MO.  In this week’s presentation, he gave us some inside looks on the new and exciting changes that are coming to Skokie from an economic and business development perspective.  Through his presentation, he solidified the stance that Skokie has in regards to it’s commitment to creating a wonderfully diverse and successful community.

In 2015, Skokie was recognized by an independent association as being the #1 area in terms of growth per economic capita, and it is poised to regain that status.  With folks like Len Baker, Howard Meyer and Shalom Klein leading the charge on economic planning and development, new businesses are flooding the Skokie area.  Names like Amazon, Hampton Inn, Sketchbook, Shakou are all coming to Skokie very soon.

Howard shared information of a new TIF district that is also being formed along the Niles Center Ave area that will be creating some more opportunity for business and development to take place.

8025 Skokie Blvd is going to begin development for new condo’s and retail space as well as Walgreen’s tearing down its current location to build a brand new one with a drive thru.

For more information on the new and exciting times ahead for Skokie, find out more by visiting the Skokie Chamber of Commerce Website and visiting the economic and planning website for the Village of Skokie 


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