Ian Quinlan 02-12-20

Although technical difficulties barred Ian from being able to provide us with a presentation deck, his unflappable personality still was able to shine through a nerve-wracking time.

Delivering a highly informative presentation on the payroll and HR solutions that Paylocity has to offer, Ian went through the gambit on the reasons why Paylocity is so popular with clients and soon to be clients.

Ian and his own family have been business owners, whether its food trucks to insurance brokers, they’ve done it all.  This puts Ian in a unique position when discussing the solutions Paylocity has to offer, since he came from a similar background as many of his clients.  Whether its saving money due to a once a month invoicing program, developing HR solutions and an employee handbook, Paylocity has it all.  

If you’re a tradesman, or know of one, Paylocity has the technology to separate pay rates based on specific jobs.  This makes accounting a breeze, and with the up to date integrations Paylocity constantly creates, it allows this information to get seamlessly downloaded into versions of Quickbooks or Excel spreadsheets.  And with tax season right around the corner, your bookkeeper and accountant wouldn’t be happier.

Ian also highlighted an important update to the Illinois workplace sexual harrassment policy.  Although Paylocity offers this service at a cost, he also mentioned the state of Illinois also has a free referenced version of it that would achieve the same compliance for all your employees.  This has a timetable deadline to be completed by ALL employees (even business owners), and could carry a fine if not done accordingly.

The best types of referrals Ian can ask for are insurance brokers, CPAs and bookkeepers.
Its no wonder Paylocity has a 92% client retention rate, and to learn more about why they do, contact Ian by visiting https://www.paylocity.com/

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