Jackie Mack 01-21-15

Jackie Mack is our Residential Realtor member. ┬áJackie started her presentation by giving us a quiz about the Real Estate market. In both 2013 and 2014, 498 homes were sold in Skokie. While the average sales price was $270K in 2013, it rose to $298K in 2014. Nationwide, the predicted home price gain for 2015 is 4%. The driving force in the price gain is “millennials” moving out of their current housing into homes they own. Renter household have increased by 4,000,000 and homeowner households have decreased by 1,000,000. Jackie provided us with a handout which supplied the data to back up the quiz’s answers.

Jackie then circulated several of the sales brochures she has produced which features the listing she has. These are folder sized presentations which feature full color photos of the property highlighting the interior and exterior as well as giving a summary of the major feature of the listing. Many of the PRO members offered testimonials about the real estate services that Jackie has provided for them and their referrals. Remember Jackie Mack and Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty when you hear your associates mention that they are either looking to sell or purchase residential real estate.

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