Jeff Hornstein 09-09-15

Jeff Hornstein is our Business Law Attorney member. Jeff defined his specialty as dealing with the various legal aspect of business. in some part, this involves the transaction of goods, or “things that can be moved”. Jeff described expressed warranties for goods as having the part of the affirmation (or the promise of what the good will be) the invoice (or purchase order which defines the quantity, the description, the delivery method and the payment terms. He used the term warranty of title as the way of saying “I own this”. If a client is selling a product, Jeff stated that there are protections that can be written into contract to limit the seller’s risks and therefore limit potential damages. Jeff also addressed the new provisions in the Fair Labor Standards Act that are due to be enacted in January.

Remember Jeff Hornstein and Hornstein Law Office when you hear your associates mention that they are involved in business transactions and are looking for the best protection from liability, and payroll issues.

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