Jeff Hornstein 1-8-20

Jeff Hornstein has a wealth of information when it comes to acquiring, organizing or selling your business.  With the expertise needed to coordinate the most complex transactions, he can ensure that you are protected whenever considering a major change to your business.

Jeff was able to provide us with a myriad of examples regarding the importance of incorporating in the best possible way to ensure that in case you or your business partners pass on, you’re able to maintain control without creating more chaos during an already sensitive situation.

Many of the ideas he discussed aren’t usually thought of, but could create a slew of problems for the continued success of your business, which highlights the importance of having someone like Jeff in your corner to defend your position.

Jeff also provided us with some insight on how to value your business appropriately if considering to sell the assets or stock.  By highlighting the importance of bringing in professionals (i.e. certified accountants) to analyze the true value of the business, it limits the potential of overpaying from the buyer side and sets realistic expectations from the business owner’s perspective during the sale.

For more information on the great work Jeff does to protect your business, and get the most value for your hard work, visit:

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