Jim Ardito 04-10-19

Jim once had a nationally syndicated column in Nashville that went out three times a week. In order to have time for a vacation one time he tried to get guest writers to do the column. He sent out requests to famous writers and only heard back from one: Isaac Asimov. He had responded with a short postcard refusing because Jim had spelled his last name Assimov. This led to several letters and postcards back and forth between Jim and Asimov.

Another notable time was the column Mike Royko had written about an article Jim wrote about having tupperware parties for men. This lead a short time working for Playboy.

But his best assignment was working with a graphic designer at Merck Pharmaceuticals in which he and the designer had to come up with a plan to increase team work between departments. Their solution was to do a Photo Safari in New Hope, PA.

Give Jim a call whenever you need to put a little more life in your business writing.

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