Jim Kuhlmey 7-16-14

im Kuhlmey is our Auto Body Repair member. Jim started his business in 1963. He offers pick-up and delivery services, which he described as “concierge” service. He offers his customers a lifetime warranty. He also details the vehicle before returning it to the owner. He stressed that he works for his customers, not the insurance company.

Jim also passed along an inspiring quote, “Hard work spotlights the character of people: Some turn up their sleeves, some turn up their noses, some don’t turn up at all.  80% of success is showig up. ” Jim’s use of high quality PPG paint enables him to offer his warrany. He also passed out a handout describing his detailing service.

Jim’s associate, Art Aquino, described the detailing end of the business. For about $250/ passenger car, Art will detail the vehicle which includes adding protectorant to the door panels, conditioning the leather, cleaning the engine among the services. He said it was called detail for a reason. He also described the paint correction service that can restore scratch that have dug in all the way to the to the substrate.He can restore about 3/4 of the scratches. He finishes with a protective coat on top of the seal coat.

Remember Jim Kuhlmey and Elite Auto Body when you hear your associates mention that they need the services of a body shop or are looking to detail their car.

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