John Terzis 04-22-20

Keeping a steady hand during shaky times is John’s forte.  He was able to provide the group with some sound advice as always to ensure we were taking advantage of the swings that have been occurring in the financial markets.  

By providing some amazing historical evidence, it is extremely important to stay invested during volatile times.  The swings are areas where the majority of income is made, and just missing out on the best 10 days over the course of a 15 year term resulted in a dramatic decrease in assets over time.  As John has mentioned to me before, his role at Oakton Investment Management is more tied to emotional support and behavioral management than investing. 

As humans, we are more inclined to panic when we see large changes, and having a professional like John Terzis supporting you and looking after your investments with the support of LPL Financial, you’re in wonderful hands.

To learn more about the different packages available and how to best invest during times of change, contact John and the team at Oakton Investment Management by visiting their site at

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