John Terzis 1-22-20

Always giving us valuable information, John provides us with priceless information that we can always put to good use.

During his presentation, John gave us some insight into investing in the “zone”, and providing us with the 20/20 vision (trademark pending**) we need to see the market clearly.

In the 2017 tax code, John advised us that there is a newly created incentive for investing in what is known as “qualified enterprise zones”. These zones allow investors to place capital gains and other investments in these areas to create tax incentives. There is immediate relief on these gains, (30%) and the tax deferral on the interest that accrues over the term (10 years) lasts until the term is complete. At that point in time, the investor will only have to pay taxes on the original amount of the investment, not on any of the gains. The typical rate of return on these zones are around 13% per year.

There are however, minimum investment requirements for these zones, which require a net worth of $1M or $250k annual income.

Looking forward to 2020’s expectations, LPL financial projects the GDP to be around 1.5%, which is fairly conservative John mentioned due to the new deal signed between the US and China, which could increase GDP. He expects us to still hold a secular bull market for the next 5-10 years, putting us in contention for one of the longest bull streaks in recent history.

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