John Terzis 10-2-19

Consistency is key to anything we do in life.  At Oakton Investment Management, they’re able to provide the necessary knowledge to nurture growth.

John Terzis provided us with some keen insight into the current marketplace, and how his decades long experience in trading both bull and bear markets has been able to stay successful due to consistency.

With over 30 years experience in investment management, Mr. Terzis has been through the good times and bad with his customers.  His role in many of his interactions is to make sure his clients stay the course and not make decisions based on emotions.

Many people during this current timeframe have been discussing the possibility of a pending recession.  John provided us with some key indicators that his team of 6000 analysts sort through on a daily basis to ensure the best structured investment for the current situation.

Here are the 5 performance indicators to look for in an upcoming recession:

  1. Inverted yield curve
  2. Corporate profits decreasing
  3. Unemployment rates
  4. Decreasing housing starts
  5. Leading economic indicators designated by the government point toward downturn
As mentioned during his presentation, John believes that due to the fact none of these 5 indicators are pointing towards a recession, that we still have a slow and steady increase in the economy.

To learn more about how to plan out your investment strategy, contact John Terzis or visit his website at

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