John Terzis 5-31-17

John detailed some changes to Social Security benefits for married couples. If you were born on or before Jan. 1st 1954 you can claim spousal benefits at age 66 and let your own benefits grow by 8% until age 70. Divorced spouses can still get benefits if married at least 10 years. 

If born after you cannot claim spousal benefits and any claim is considered a request for the full amount and the amount would not continue to grow until 70. So to get to 8% a year increase, delay filing until age 70. Does not apply to widows or widowers who can pick the plan with the biggest benefit.

John also cautioned people who start collecting benefits early and continue to work. If earning over $16,920 you forfeit $1 in benefit for every $2 over the limit. The limit does not apply to investments or pensions and goes away at full retirement age.

Give John a call if you or your spouse is approaching retirement age and need advice on getting the most benefits.

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