John Terzis 9-28-16

John gave more information about what “Powered by LPL” means. LPL is a independent financial company that offers investing advice. It does not have any proprietary products and so is free to find the best solutions for clients based on their risk tolerance and goals instead of only steering them into their own products. It is the largest broker/dealer in the U.S. with 14,000 agents and $488 billion in assets.

John has 28 years experience in the financial industry and his biggest job is keeping clients from making emotional decisions with their investments. A down market is the time to buy! If you think the stock is worth having, then buy more when the price is down. Too many people only buy when the price is going up.He thinks we are in a secular bull market and will continue for 6-7 more years with a few pullbacks (buying opportunities).

Give John a call if you know someone interested in accumulating, managing or distributing their wealth.

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