John Vasilion 03-18-15

John Vasilion is our Architect member. John shared that he does his presentation drawings by hand rather than using a computer program. All the drawings are measured drawings in that they are to scale of the exact dimensions of the building. He presented a packet of drawings on a proposed remodeling of a home in Wilmette. Some of the features John is proposing include a 2nd floor addition that will house a master suite and an updated kitchen. His drawing of the second floor indicates that it will not disturb the one-story character of the house. He found inspiration in the house itself, keeping the leaded glass character of the front windows.
He also explained the expansion of the garage from the current one car to a two car garage.  He went through the process of turning the garage so that the opening faced the alley. This leads to the complication of not having enough space between the back of the house and the garage requiring a zoning variance. An alternative, enclosing the gap making it the mud room, also will require a zoning variance hearing. John has both alternatives planned and will attend the zoning hearing with both sets of drawings. He also explained that in Illinois, if you a renovate a historic home and spend over a set threshhold, you can be granted a 10 freeze on your property taxes if you meet set standards.
Remember John Vasilion and Vasilion & Associates when you hear your associates mention that they are looking to build of remodel their residence.


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