John Vasilion 07-08-15

John Vasilion is our Architect member. John mentioned that a good referral for him is someone who looking to upgrade their house. John walked us through the process he uses to present a proposal to potential clients. After meeting with the clients and determining their wish list for the project. He has a 6 page proposal that he presents to them in person which outlines what he does and what he does not do. Over the course of his business, his agreement has evolved. He starts out by restating how he has interpreted what the client wants, references the style of the home and explains that the intention is to either maintain the style or to give the house a fresh style. John’s goal is to get the original proposal signed and to get to the point where he can submit drawings for the clients approval. Upon signing, he then documents and measures the house and creates the design. After several meetings, he submits his final design (within the parameters of allowable included changes, usually 2 or 3 changes). John’s designs are copyrighted for both monetary and liability issues.

Remember John Vasilion and Vasilion & Associates when you hear your associates mention that they are looking to upgrade their home or are looking to build a home. 

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