John Vasilion 10-29-14

John Vasilion is our Architect member. John presented a case study of a project where he was initially asked to add a bathroom to an upstairs bedroom. After drawing up the plans, John was then tasked to plan renovations to the existing master bedroom to enhance the en suite master bath. His awesome plans impressed the home owner to then ask John to draw up plans to renovate the first floor of the house to change the kitchen, renovated the space between the garage and the house.

John worked closely with the village zoning and code people to make sure that his plans did not exceed square footage or other code requirements. He then reviewed the quotations submitted from the contractors to make sure that quotes were included for all the essential parts of the project on a line by line basis. Overall, John demonstrated that using the services of a professional architect can really enhance the experience that a homeowner needs to go through to do a renovation.

Remember John Vasilion and Vasilion and Associates when you hear your associates mention that they are looking to do a renovation on their current property or are looking to build a custom home.

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