John Vasilion 11-18-15

John Vasilion is our Architect member. John explained the rules that govern the process of building. This includes building codes, zoning codes. Before starting construction, there is a hearing before the commission. There are rules that cover how many square feet is allowed, height restrictions, minimum lot size, community density. John sees it as his position to strike a balance between what the client wants and what will be approved by the building commission, even allowing for variances. Some suburbs even have specifications for the percentage of brick, breaks in the roofing lines. Issues that cannot be addressed within a variance must be redone. Neighbors have right to express their opinions at variance hearings. Often owners purchase properties without knowing the restriction that may be on the property, like set backs and square footage. John feels that he has developed a good rapport with the commissions in many of the towns and has a good idea of what he can design that will meet the criteria. It starts with the client’s design and he works with both the client and the zoning people to coordinate an acceptable design and build.

Remember John Vasilion and Vasilion & Associates when you hear your associates mention that they are looking to build or remodel their real estate.

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