John Vasilion 11-20-19

Our master builder, John Vasilion always manages to take us on an inspiring journey. My personal favorite as a presenter, John showed us ways that he can vary his style based on the different canvases he’s provided. From Dutch colonial, to Italian inspired or modernism, his adaptability in design ensures every house he works on fits the program it was meant to accomplish.

John showed us examples of some modernistic designs he was able to create, and also advised us on the municipality requirements that he was able to address during the building process. By working closely with the general contractors on each job, he secures the vision is executed in the manner it was designed in.

One of John’s strengths is his designing and drawing. He mentioned that his designs and drawings are not set in stone (no pun intended), rather to illicit a response from his client. This helps him in the design process to find the expectations of the client. This helps them contribute to the overall design and ensure every detail they expect out of the finished project is addressed.

Although John focuses mainly in the Northshore area, he recently completed a house modification in Florida which also included a pool. He was able to assist his client in getting more sunlight into the living space, higher ceilings, and even increase their solar energy efficiency by angling the roof towards the South.

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