John Vasilion 3-14-18

John showed us some drawings that he still does by hand because he thinks better with a pencil in his hand than by using a computer. He makes very detailed measured drawings so that the builders get a visualization of the end product. When designing a new home, John is very much concerned that the look will be proper for the neighborhood and works with neighbors and zoning boards and stays involved through the building to make sure it is done properly.

He also does changes to interiors using the existing structures. That way the outside can keep the look of the neighborhood but the inside can be totally different.

John has close relationships with builders and gets many leads from them since people often approach a builder first about their ideas. This also gives builders a chance to improve their “porfolio” of nice looking home they were involved with.

Give John a call if you or someone you know is looking to make changes on their home.

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