John Vasilion 7-25-18

John spoke of two projects he is working on. One is a brand new house on property owned by a family for years which will now be their smaller retirement home. They have requested plans to include a master bedroom on the first floor as well as a guest bedroom and an attached garage.

It was a little challenge for John to fit all the rooms in the given space but when he had a plan that would work he had Chuck McKiel review it with a inspector’s eye. The project is now out to contractors to bid on.

The other project is in Winnetka which is largely on a flood plain and so has specific zoning rules about cubic feet is taken up on any given property. This became an issue when a contractor had poured too much concrete and John had to recalculate his plans to be still under the limit. He made the terrace smaller and the client was happy.

Give John a call if you know of someone needing an architect that is very concerned with getting the details right.

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