John Vasilion 8-28-19

It would’ve been nice to have Yoni around to help us out with the media issues we had with the projector prior to John’s presentation, but with a little elbow grease he was able to manage to get his show on the road!

John provided us with some great insight on a long-term project he’s been working on with a client in the Wilmette/Winnetka area.  The client was initially looking to create a larger addition which would have increased the size of the living space by 1.5x!

Unfortunately, due to a fire in the basement, the expectations were changed slightly.  Because of this, John was able to work well on his feet, and adjust to cater to the client’s new, more pressing needs.

The design and craftsmanship that went into the architecture for the addition of the home, as well as the new “greenhouse” style kitchen, gave the unique spaces that the client was looking for.  In addition to the added family room, the space was converted into a wonderfully dynamic living area, and minimized the sectional style living dynamic that usually comes from traditional Georgian style homes.

For all your architectural needs, contact John Vasilion, and check out his website for some of the great work he’s done and continues to do!

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