Joy Schaefer 04-15-20

Pandemic aside, Joy and the team at Home Helpers always provides an exceptional level of empathetic care for your loved ones.  No matter the job, big or small, in the middle of the day, or darkness of night, Home Helpers makes sure the care you need is always there.

Joy gave us some examples of the types of care her essential team is providing to those who are most at risk during this time, even at times putting themselves at risk to make sure their clients are able to do routine tasks that aren’t so routine anymore.

All of their team members are required to report whether or not they have been exposed to anyone who had contracted COVID-19 to ensure they minimize the spread.

The challenges that her team is facing right now are mainly additional training, and with a reduced staff, as well as not being able to have access to many nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  Her team is expecting to have many discharges come out from these facilities, and they’re doing their part in keeping in contact with the facilities to coordinate care appropriately for the clients and family members.

On a side note, I want to give you a personal shout out, Joy, and the Home Helpers team during this time.  It’s a really difficult time for everyone now, but you and your team are doing God’s work.  Our prayers are with you and your team, hope you get through this safely and healthy.

If you or a loved one needs help or assistance during this critical time, get in touch with Joy’s team
at h

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