Joy Schaefer 04-25-18

There are four types of clients Joy works with.

  • Live in care: 24/7 in home care billed by the day. Can make difference of living in familiar surroundings and not moving to a nursing home.
  • Come and go: Daily (or less) visits to stay for a few hours to make sure clients are dressed, bathed, and fed. Billed hourly.
  • Rehab release: Meeting with rehab facility and stay with clients 4-5 days after release to transition to independent living
  • Single visit: to perform specific task on a set schedule.

Joy will customize the care plans to fit her clients needs including using terminology that is more comforting. For example, one client hates having a “caregiver” but loves the fact that she has a “private driver”.

Give Joy a call anytme you or a loved one needs a little extra help.

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