Joy Schaefer 05-01-19

Joy gave out two forms: Uniform Do-no-resuscitate (DNR) Advance Directive and the “Five Wishes” form. Both are filled out yourself prior to circumstances in which you are unable to make health decisions for yourself.

The DNR form is instructions of the extent you wish to be resuscitated in the event your heart stops beating or you stop breathing. Basically whether to perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) or not.

The Five Wishes form gives your preferences for the following questions:

  1. The person I want to make healthcare decisions for me when I can’t
  2. The kind of medical treatment I want or don’t want
  3. How comfortable I want to be
  4. How I want people to treat me
  5. What I want my loved ones to know

Give Joy a call for advice on having these kind of conversations with your loved ones.

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