Joy Schaefer 11-29-17

Joy’s clients fall into two main categories: temporary and live-in.

Temporary care is perfect for caring for loved ones while you take a vacation, go to work or just need a break once in a while. Also great for help coming home from rehab. Most institutions won’t release a patient unless there is a plan in place for help at home. Live-in caregivers stay with the clients 24/7.

Caregivers come from various sources: placement services, referrals. They have to be licensed by the state and fingerprinted. Their work history can be tracked through nursing registry so problems can be spotted.

Joy has found that older clients are resistant to her services so maybe a better approach is wording it differently. A client hated the idea of someone coming to help but loved “having a driver” who just happens to help out with other things while they are there.

Give Joy a call if you know someone caring for a loved one that needs a break.

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