Joy Schaefer 12-09-15

Joy Schaefer is our Home Care member. Joy talked about several of her company’s clients as examples of ┬ápeople that can be referred to the business. One of her clients is a 100 year old lady who will be spending the winter in Arizona. A Home Helpers caregiver will be traveling with her to Tucson and handing her care to a local Home Helpers office. Another client is 102 who has live-in care and walks daily with her caregiver. Joy talked about how difficult a transition can be when a senior moves from their home to a facility. Seniors thrive better and longer in their own home with the proper care in place. Another client is in her early fifties with multiple sclerosis who has 10 hour a day help and has been a client for 7 years. With long term care insurance in place, this client can have help for as long as possible. Joy discussed the importance of evaluating long term care insurance as a means of paying for care when you need it.

Remember Joy Schaefer and Home Helpers when you hear your associates mention that they are becoming the family caregiver.

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