Joy Schaefer 12-18-19

Joy gave us an extremely interactive exercise during her time presenting.  We went through the group, and attempted to pitch the person’s business sitting next to us to Mr. and Mrs. Jones, a lovely couple, who Joy had the pleasure of meeting.  Throughout the exercise, Mr. and Mrs. Jones were extremely cooperative and the group managed to have them become clients for everyone’s business who was there that morning! (If only that was always the case)

Regardless, this wonderful exercise showed us the true meaning of what this group is all about, which is a family of business professionals who truly care about the well-being of their clients, as well as the success of the members of this group.

There were no hangups from one referral to the next, further showing the amount of knowledge we each possess to make the person next to us shine whenever speaking with clients.

As part of her follow up request, Joy paired us all up with another member of PRO to ensure we got together for coffee or a brief meeting, to go into even more detail on what makes the other person tick.

I can’t wait to see the results!  Thank you Joy!

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