Joy Schaefer 8-20-14

Joy Schaefer is our Home Care member. Joy described some of her clients which represent a sampling of her customer base. One of her client is 99 and lives in an independent living facility. Home Helpers provides a caregiver that comes in the morning to help her client “Rise and Shine” making sure that she takes her morning medication and eats breakfast and lunch.

Another client that has been a long time Home Helpers client has transitioned from daily care to live-in care since she now is under hospice care. Joy told us about a client who after being release from a rehab facility following a hip replacement started out with live-in care and has transitioned to just needing a few hours a day with the ultimate goal of being completely on his own soon.

Another couple, she is 102 and he is 98, just have Home Helpers come in a few hours in the afternoon to help with end of the day tasks. They are waiting until they get older and really need help before commit to full time help. The last clients Joy described had lived their entire lives on the East Coast and moved to the area to be closer to family. Home Helpers provided a caregiver to assist them with the plane trip here and make the transition to the assisted living facility easier. Joy described their services as a la carte, care plans that are custom designed to fit the clients individual needs.

Remember Joy Schaefer and Home Helpers when you hear your associates mention that they are struggled with the tasks of family caregiving.

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