Joy Schaefer 8-23-17

Joy said the best way to remember the types of clients she serves is to remember the acronym CARE.

Companionship: gives some social contact for home bound elderly. Can include disabled children.

Aging in Place: people live longer staying in their home. Downsizing to an unfamiliar assisted living place can be very traumatic.

Rehab: Rehab places won’t release a patient unless there have been arrangements made with a caregiver. Also stands for Respite to give family members a break from caregiving.

Emergency: Sudden discharges due to lack of progress can cause an immediate need for a caregiver at home.

CARE also stands for the type of service provider at Home Helpers:

Compassionate, Aware, Resourceful, Empathic.

​Give Joy a call if a loved one needs CARE.

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