Joy Schaefer 9-4-19

Home Helpers is there for your loved ones no matter what.  Joy is the epitome of a caring individual. Her integrity speaks volumes, as well as the testimonials provided by her clients and their loved ones.

Joy provided us with “hugs and kisses”, as if the sweetness wasn’t already visible in her presentation.

Awareness is the solution to denial, and Joy gave us some helpful tips on things to look for when interacting with our loved ones to make sure they’re in someone’s caring hands when they need assistance beyond what the family can normally provide.

By using the 5 senses, we can all do a check-up on our loved ones through:

  • Touch
    • Give them a hug, see if there’s any frailness
    • Lack of strength when shaking their hands
  • Sight
    • Does their home look messy?
    • Have they become abnormally neat?
    • Is there a change in organization patterns?
    • Are there missing items/heirlooms?
  • Smell
    • Spoiled food
    • Open fridge
    • Taste in food
      • Lack of taste may be due to change in person’s senses
  • 6th sense
    • Can you just tell something might be wrong?
  • Sit down for a meal
    • Are they eating a normal amount?
    • Difficulty navigating a menu
    • Are they eating with enthusiasm
    • Can they carry on a conversation?
Ask yourself if your best friend needed your help, when would you say “this is the last time I’m helping you.” If you find yourself saying that, maybe its time you get in touch with Joy and the crew at Home Helpers.

​​​​​​​Visit or contact Joy to learn more.

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