Ken Dermer 02-25-15

Ken Dermer is our Advertising Specialties and Promotional Products member. Ken demonstrated how he targets his product recommendations by selecting promotional products that would be relevant to each of the PRO members. Knowing your audience is a key factor as well as knowing the means of distribution – whether the item will be given out at a trade show or sent through the mail.

Ken also mentioned that other factors is the budget for the items and the quantity needed. Where the item is expected to be used is important so that it will around for the ultimate end user to see often and appreciate. Ken mentioned that we all can use his techniques to give out more referrals. We can become a valuable source of resources to our clients by referring our clients to our fellow PRO members.

Many of the PRO members offered testimonials to the work that they have done with Ken. Ken stressed the need for creativity in the success of his business by providing the right items with the right message at the right price and delivered by the right means. Remember Ken Dermer and Remred Business Promotional Products when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for promotional products.

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