Ken Dermer 10-22-14

Ken Dermer is our Advertising Specialties and Promotional Products member. Ken treated us to a selection from the food gift items that can be customized with our logos to give clients as holiday presents. He suggested that perhaps giving Thanksgiving gifts would be an alternative so that our gift would not be lost amongst the others.

Ken focused on providing his clients products that specifically meet their needs. He starts by asking a series of questions:  1.) What will be the method of distribution. 2.) Who is the intended recipient. 3.) How much are you planning to spend. Based on the answers, he can make a product offering that is custom selected for his client. He explained that product minimums are based on manufactures requirements and often if the die fee is included, a smaller quantity can be ordered with a surcharge to cover the cost of the die. Ken also mentioned that he know the quality of the products he recommends. Often a product that has a lower per piece price has a poorer quality than one that is only a few cents more per piece.

Remember Ken Dermer and Remred Business Class Promotional Products when you hear your associates mention that they are doing a trade show or looking for client holiday gifts.


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