Kevin Bander 03-13-19

Kevin gave some reasons to consider refinancing your mortgage.

Lower payment:
If there is at least a .375% – .5% drop in rates, it’s a good time to get a better interest rate. Also if you are approaching 20% ownership equity and are paying mortgage insurance, it’s a good time to see if you can stop paying.

Cash out refinance:
Equity in your home can mean cash to you to pay for student loans, credit card balances, home remodeling, sick family members.

Change the terms of the loan:
If you have an adjustable rate mortgage and want to convert to a fixed rate to stop rate increases. Or if you have a 30-year fixed and want to go to 15-year fixed and save on interest payments.

Give Kevin a call. He is a broker and not tied to one type of loan or one rate. He will shop around to get the best for you.

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