Kevin Bander 07-17-19

Prepared and professional as always, Kevin Bander provided us wonderful insight on some of the benefits of home ownership, and how now is the best time to buy for real estate.

During his presentation, Kevin highlighted some products and market insights his company offers.

New Construction Financing​​​​​​​
Bander Mortgage offers one all encompassing loan for new construction projects.
Alleviates the need for multiple closings for the same property
Able to finance up to $3M for primary residence
Up to $2.5M for anything other than primary

Housing Market Trends
Up 3.8% in return nationally
5.89% over the past 5 years in Cook County
Rent Growth – 1.5% in Chicago
Less delinquencies reported than last year
Millenials entering the age to start purchasing their first homes now

Benefit if purchased in the last 6 months or 3-5 years
Lowers monthly payment
Removes mortgage insurance
Can also complete a cash-out refinance for debt consolidation
Change Terms which can save you tens to hundreds of thousands over the term of the loan

Towards the end of his presentation, Erica Minchella provided a great testimonial on working with Kevin on a deal they completed together and the ease which he was able to assist his client with at closing.

For more information on the products Bander Mortgage can provide, visit today.

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