Kevin Bander 6-27-18

Kevin spoke of the various ways mortgages can help besides buying properties.

  • Provide equiity to improve lifestyle of you or loved one.
  • Cash out refinance to pay down expenses.
  • Home improvements.
  • Finance new business idea or help existing business
  • Investment properties/vacation home
  • Pay off divorce settlement
Benefits you get working with Bander Mortgage:

  • Lowest mortgage insurance costs
  • Lower rates for excellent credit
  • Higher threshold on Conventional Loans
  • Quicker closing on condos
  • Conditional approve in 24-48 hours.
  • 3-5 days appraisal
  • Clear to close in 18 days
  • $100 given to charity of choice at closing.
Give Kevin a call to discuss these options and more.

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