Mark Ingraham 01-28-15

Mark Ingraham is our Advertising Design member. Mark described Triggr as a brand design and advertising firm. Mark brings with him experience in the ad agencies  where he saw himself as the “visual” member of the creative teams. Mark described brand development as an evolving process and Triggr is here to help you sell your brand.

There are two basic types of selling:  1) Push Marketing like sales, radio, 800# commercials with a call to action message usually with an offer time limit and 2) Pull Marketing which involves long term relationship building where customers are attracted and want to talk to the company whose offer is so intriguing they want the product. People usually commit to a product or service because of emotional reasons. People love to buy, they generally don’t want to be sold. This amounts to branding.

Mark challenged us to describe the services of an event photographer and then to focus on the emotional words that could draw the viewer to a specific photographer. The issue is differentiation in a hugely competitive market. Mark asked us to review our own marketing materials to see if we are focusing on out “bullet” points or “emotional” points. Mark told us to:  Be Honest, Be Emotional, Be Inspired. Remember Mark Ingraham and Triggr when you hear your associates mention that they are looking to develop their brand or are looking to rebrand their business.


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