Mark Ingraham 09-30-15

Mark Ingraham is our Graphic Design member. He presented a worksheet to discuss his Brand Communication Strategy which is: What is your message to tell your unique story of what you have to offer. His worksheet is designed to help his clients answer the following questions: What is your
target market?, What is the current perception of you and your industry?, Who are your top competitors that you most want to stand out from?, Where do you see your company/industry going in the future?, What do you want people to take away from your messaging or understand from your advertising?, What bullet points summarize your business?, and How would you describe the personality and tone of your business? Based on the answers to these questions, Mark will develop the best strategy to get his client’s business ahead.

Remember Mark Ingraham and Image Perspective when you hear your associates mention that they are looking to build their brand or are planning on changing their branding strategy

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