Mark Ingraham 6-22-16

Mark Ingraham is our Branding and Advertising member. Mark gave us a handout of questions that were designed to help us succinctly focus on our personal and company message. He asked us to: “Write down 3 interesting words that describe you”, “Write down 3 interesting words that describe your company”, and “What do you love about your specialty? What gets you smiling about your work?” He also asked us to compare our impressions and commitment with our competitors. Several members of PRO volunteered to share their answers to the questions with the group and we discussed the topic. Mark then asked us to evaluate how “generic” in overall message is your category and how we can make ourselves standout from our competition. Mark then explained that developing a branding strategy will help us standout. Remember Mark Ingraham and Image Perspective when you hear your associates mention that they are looking to rebrand their company or are looking to standout from their competitors.

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