Mark Litin 04-27-16

Mark Litin is our Computer and Network Repair member. Mark stated that when he first started out it IT, he did not forsee the direction that the industry would take. He presented us with a handout “How Not To Become a Statistic”. The advent of the world wide web make everything that your do as close as your front door. The web has also changed the face of marketing. Many people are still doing thing the way that they always did thing, but they should do so only by mitigating the risk that they are putting their business and its data at risk. Mark stated that the average cost for each record stolen (compromised) is $217. Hackers who are looking for valuable information that can be used to exploit a business and its customers. Mark suggested several ways that businesses can decrease the cost or the chance of a data breach. Mark offers services that can pro-actively protect your data and computer systems. Remember Mark Litin and Computer Nirvana when you hear your associates mention that they are looking to protect their data.

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