Mark Litin 12-7-16

Mark talked about a problem that you hear about more and more often these days: Data breaches where a companies computer has been hacked into and information stolen. It can happen to any company that is storing private information about their customers. Often hackers are looking for email addresses or phone numbers that they can then use to get the owners to give up additional private information such as bank accounts, credit cards, etc.

To protect yourself you can do the following:

1) Keep your software updated regularly. 

2) Don’t respond to emails that may look like a company you have dealings with but want you to respond to a problem by clicking on a link they give you. Always go the the website yourself outside an email to see if it’s legitimate. Delete the email.

3) Run anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-malware programs on your computer.

4) Create strong passwords and don’t use the same one on multiple websites.

Call Mark if you need help creating a stronger defense against hackers.

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