Mark Litin 7-16-14

Mark Litin is our Computer and Network support member. Mark founded Computer Nirvana 8 years ago after a career in corporate America. He enjoys meeting and working with his client on a one-on-one basis. He feels that this gives him an expanded insight on how to provide the service they need and can make repairs and recommendations basic on this insight. He wants his clients to feel comfortable with the technology that they need to operate their businesses.

He took the time to describe some of the potential clients that could use his services. For example, people involved with new construction or the acquisition of new property (could also be the expansion of an existing facility) need to plan for their new technology needs. At issue could be wiring, where to place routers, how will the computers be laid out or located, and accomodations made for power outages or interruptions. This could also impact homeowners in planning their computer layout. He reminded us to be on the lookout for clients who are struggling with computer issues. He also said that small medical or legal firms are excellent potential clients.

Remember Mark Litin and Computer Nirvana when you hear your associates mention that they are installing a new computer system or have issues with their current network and would like to revamp their system. 

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