Marty Adelberg 02-10-16

Marty Adelberg is our Bankcard Processing member. The big word in credit card processing is security. Make sure your fill out the yearly PCI paperwork. Hacking into your credit card system is a real possibility. EMS offers $100K in data breach insurance. It can cost $40K for an investigation. In the past, transactions that were swiped and qualified could cost as much as 7% as a transaction processing fee. Now it is closer to 2%. Rewards cards are more expensive to process. Chip cards are the newest answer to security concerns. The industry mandated a self-imposed target date for all processing to be done with chip cards, but not all card suppliers and bank are on board. Less that 20% of consumers have chip cards. All cards have a swipe strip, so chip cards can be run on non-chip readers. Some merchants have been convinced to enter into long term leases on chip machines. Talk to Marty if you need a chip card machine. He also offers reward cards for merchants and a lot of ecommerce services. Remember Marty Adelberg and Electronic Merchant Systems when you hear your associates mention that they are looking to add credit card processing or would like to explore their options to their current credit card processor.

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