Marty Adelberg 03-11-20

Marty has been with EMS since the early 2000s, following 9/11.  Prior to, he was a teacher of African history, and even lived in Africa for a period of time.  He would fly all around the country providing education to his directly connected students. 

​​​​​​​After a while, Marty says his wife pushed him to look into EMS as a solution for employment, and after some convincing words of persistence from his boss at the time, began to see success.  Marty’s business comes mainly from referrals due to his excellent customer service, and having the backing of a major company definitely helps.  

To compare EMS with other payers, the contract to sign onto EMS services is 18 pages, when compared to Bank of America’s 88 pages.

In addition to credit card processing, EMS provides gift card services, as well as merchant funding, which is expensive but still available.

Great referrals for Marty are those who are in the retail space.  To learn more about EMS and the great products and service they provide, visit

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