Marty Adelberg 5-23-18

The credit card industry has gotten much more concerned with security. Marty stresses the importance of filling out PCI forms to document the fact the measures your business takes to protect your customer’s private information. You are charged $50/month until the form is filled out. One of Marty’s clients had to pay a $10,000 fine when they were hacked into and hadn’t completed the form.

Marty doesn’t guarantee that there will be no increases in credit card rates but he will match or beat any other companies written quote. He also has better rates than PayPal or Square if you have high enough monthly sales. If not he can get you started on the EMS Plus system which doesn’t charge a monthly fee and only charges when you use the account.

Give Marty a call for a no obligation review of your current provider to see if he can match or beat their rates.

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