Matt Garrigan 03-09-16

Matt Garrrigan is our Financial Advisor member. Matt mentioned that their are over 500,000 financial advisors in the market so it is important to select someone who will make sure that you have the personal service that meets your needs. Baird is employee owned, well managed with a Fortune 100 Top Places To Work distinction. This good working environment benefits the client. This means that there is no shortage of talent at Baird. 90% of their clients have a financial advisor somewhere else. Matt introduced us to the formula. WM=IC + AP + RM. WM represents Wealth Management which is the goal of every financial advisor for their clients. IC represents Investment Consulting (establishing the client’s goals to direct the picking of the right products). What Matt says sets his services apart are the other two factors in the equation. AP represents Planning, working with the clients and their other advisors (such as estate planners, tax advisors, insurance people) and RM represents Relationship Management (deliver high levels of service that is individualized on a client basis). Matt emphasized that your advisor owes it to you to take a detailed look at your whole profile. Remember Matt Garrigan and R.W. Baird when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for a review of their investment portfolio.

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