Matt Schore 02-18-15

Matt Schore is our Moving and Storage Services member. Reebies prides themselves on providing professionalism with every one of their moving and storage customer experiences. They are knowledge based and as such can be adaptable to the individual client situation. They have a high repeat customer ratio. They provide local and permanent storage services. Matt said that they take the approach that it is more than just getting from location A to location B. Local moving is based on an hourly rate depending on the number of crew members required. Their rates are competitive with the competition, but they do not charge extra for protective blankets or tape, and provide floor protection and wrap all furniture as part of their quotation.They can provide permanent storage (where they pick up the items and hold them for a specific time) by packing the items in a wooden vault and hold them for a specific time.
Reebies has been doing this for 25-30 years. They also do long distance moves where the pricing is based on weight. Matt offers services to do a free in-home estimate prior to the move. They can also do international moves where they pick up and pack the items and they are placed in a container for overseas shipping.
Matt cautioned us to be sure to check on the insurance coverage for items that are shipped. There are certain default limits (based on weight), but additional insurance can be purchased. Remember Matt Schore and Reebies Allied Moving and Storage when you hear your associates mention that they are looking to move their personal or business items intrastate, interstate or international.


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