Matt Schore – 5-21-14

Matt Schore is our Moving and Storage member.

Matt discussed the moving process. Initially Reebies did mostly local moves using horses and carriages. A lot of their business involved moving pianos. Reebies was a founding member of the Allied Van Lines which was an association of moving companies formed to help fill the moving trucks on both ends of their trip rather than sending them out full and having to return empty. The association is now international, they have designated agents all over the world.

They can handle the logistics and the packing whether the move is local, interstate or international. They can supply the tape, paper and boxes, pack the entire job or any portion that the client wants. Matt also explained their insurance policies and proudly mentioned that Reebies moves 93% of their clients claim free which is well above the industry standard.

Remember Matt Schore and Reebies Allied Moving and Storage when you hear you associates mention that they are in need of moving or storage services. 

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