Matt Ward Matt Garrigan 4-30-14

Matt Ward is a partner with Matthew Garrigan and is our Financial Advisor member. Matt graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Finance. He worked as a financial analyst/business analyst. Since 2004 Matt has worked as a Proprietary Fixed Income Trader where he is focused on people’s risk comfort level with their investments. Matt strives to match the risk tolerance of his clients and also to educate them on the type of investments available that will match their risk level. He stressed that he and Matt Garrigan take a team approach to their clients where they have complementary interaction styles that balance each other out.

As a company, Robert W. Baird focused on being a relationship based company from both providing the best financial advise and being the best place to work. They stress not challenging their clients to participate in investment that they would not be comfortable with. Matt also mentioned that Robert W. Baird is very community oriented and participate in several community functions.

Remember Matt Ward, Matt Garrigan and Robert W. Baird & Company when you hear your associates mention that they are looking for investment opportunities or a review of their current investment portfolio.

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