Yoni Oinounou 2-5-20

Yoni with Yoni’s Troubleshoot and Configuration provided us with a great show and tell version of his presentation.  The “before” and “after” images for his work was impressive, and no amount of tangled wires intimidates him from being able to … Continue reading

Ben Fine 2-5-20

Ben is one of the most engaging speakers whether presenting in front of a group, or speaking with him one on one.  Always able to make anything he speaks about exciting, Ben showcased some of the trends in different workplaces, … Continue reading

Jim Ardito 1-29-20

ACE’s are always wild when Jim is in the room.  The work that Ardito Creative Enterprises provides their clients puts them above the rest, by ensuring the first impression you make, whether its through print, speaking or digitized, is a … Continue reading

John Terzis 1-22-20

Always giving us valuable information, John provides us with priceless information that we can always put to good use. During his presentation, John gave us some insight into investing in the “zone”, and providing us with the 20/20 vision (trademark … Continue reading

Michael Peysakovich 1-22-20

Y2K was the least of our worries.  Michael was able to show us the real meaning of protecting you and your business in the age of cybercrime, and how you can prepare yourself when an attack acutally occurs. The services … Continue reading

Al Garcia 1-15-20

Al brings value wherever he’s at.  Today’s presentation highlighted the many services he and his team at A&L copiers provides.  From toners, to full industrial printers, his team can deliver it all.   Al mentioned two stories which were very telling … Continue reading

Mike Blanski 1-15-20

This week, Mike provided us with some great insight into what to expect in regards to the upcoming tax season.  With changes occuring more frequently, his firm has been on the cutting edge of realizing these changes, and providing advantages … Continue reading

Tim Youkhana 1-8-20

Tim provided us a key review on the work the non-profit he runs, the United Family Health Alliance (formerly known as the Assyrian Family Health Alliance) for 2019, some of the programs they conducted, as well as the focus for … Continue reading

Jeff Hornstein 1-8-20

Jeff Hornstein has a wealth of information when it comes to acquiring, organizing or selling your business.  With the expertise needed to coordinate the most complex transactions, he can ensure that you are protected whenever considering a major change to your … Continue reading

Joy Schaefer 12-18-19

Joy gave us an extremely interactive exercise during her time presenting.  We went through the group, and attempted to pitch the person’s business sitting next to us to Mr. and Mrs. Jones, a lovely couple, who Joy had the pleasure … Continue reading