Marty Adelberg 10-24-18

Marty is working as an independent agent to get more control of operations and a flexibility to always give the lowest processing rates. He will match or beat any written quote from another provider. He encourages everyone to look at … Continue reading

Arlyn Tratt 10-24-18

Arlyn spoke of the top improvements home owners can do to get the best return on their investment when selling. Insulating Attic: energy efficiency savings. 105% return. Freshen up exterior: painting/siding 90% return. Kitchen renovation: smaller better such as painting … Continue reading

Jeff Hornstein 10-17-18

Jeff spoke of a pro bono case he has been working on as a member of the Federal trial bar. An inmate of Stateville prison has a foot condition called Plantar Fasciitis but the doctor assigned to the prison would … Continue reading

Rich Block 10-17-18

Rich showed us various samples of popular items that can be imprinted with your logo.   Pens that light up. Scissors with sheaths Cleaning pads Drink coasters Water bottles with daily pill boxes Mobile power banks Medallion awards on lanyards … Continue reading

Steve Taich 10-3-18

Steve has spoken before about the different types of Medicare coverage. There is Part A which covers hospitalization and is paid by the govt. Part B which is outside hospital which is paid by the consumer. Supplement insurance to help … Continue reading

John Terzis 10-3-18

John talked about the difference between Growth stocks and Value stocks.Growth stocks are companies like Amazon & Facebook that don’t issue dividends back to stockholders but investment returns are seen in higher stock prices. These type of stocks are currently … Continue reading

Mike Goldsmith 9-26-18

Mike said most of his cases involve car, truck & motorcycle accidents but he also sees premise accidents and medical malpractice and nursing home problems such as neglect, bed sores, etc. Nursing homes are frequently understaffed so it pays to … Continue reading

Greg Turza 9-26-18

Greg.talked about naming trustees to living trusts that are set up. Initially the owner of the trust are named while alive. But what happens with the trust after death or incapacitation? Trustees have duties of loyalty to the beneficiaries according … Continue reading

Chuck McKiel 9-5-18

When Chuck is not doing inspections he is working on his other passion: cooking BBQs for his catering company: BBQphoria. True BBQ cooking is more than just putting BBQ sauce on meat. It’s a method of cooking at low temperatures … Continue reading

Mike Blanski 9-5-18

Mike spoke about his background in Accounting and Taxation. He had always been good at mathematics study and working in accounting goes well with that but also because he likes working with people. His first job after college was at … Continue reading