Hovig Vartanian 07-31-19

Stress affects our lives on a daily basis from the day we’re born, and Dr. Hovig Vartanian stressed the physical importance of knowing how to cope with it. Stress comes in all forms, from emotional, physical, from infections, or even … Continue reading

David Putrus 07-31-19

The definition of a professional, David Putrus gave us the proper personal insight into his new role at the First Bank Chicago – A division of First Bank of Highland Park. With their first branch opening in the late 1950s, … Continue reading

Ian Quinlan 07-24-19

Fresh off his world tour, Ian Quinlan didn’t let any jet lag get in the way of his dynamic and engaging presentation. Leading with his best foot forward as always, Ian gave us a great rundown on how Paylocity seperates … Continue reading

Ben Fine 07-24-19

The always bubbly Ben Fine, gave us a great rundown on the help he’s able to provide businesses in regards to their telecommunications setup and how Prime Telecommunications helps move your business communications into the cloud. After enduring some minor … Continue reading

Kevin Bander 07-17-19

Prepared and professional as always, Kevin Bander provided us wonderful insight on some of the benefits of home ownership, and how now is the best time to buy for real estate. During his presentation, Kevin highlighted some products and market … Continue reading

Rich Block 07-17-19

Rich gave us a unique insight into 4 of the top products he has to offer today that helps get your brand in the face of your current and potential customers so they keep coming back for your services. The … Continue reading

Tim Youkhana 06-19-19

Tim is working with various organizations to get healthcare access to community members and to promote careers in healthcare. The JCFS & JVS provide certification for pharmacist technicians and training for national exams. Tim’s pharmacy can provide internships for students … Continue reading

Arlyn Tratt 06-19-19

In addition to helping you find your next home, Arlyn can help you find investment properties as well. He has developed a spreadsheet that gives scores on different aspects of owning single family homes, condos, & townhomes. The highest score … Continue reading

Steve Taich 06-12-19

Steve had passed out a brochure detailing the benefits provided by Aetna for Medicare Advantage, also called Medicare Part C. The federal govt. still oversees the program but it bought through a private insurance company. There are no monthly premiums … Continue reading

John Terzis 06-05-19

John told us that the interest rates in the Bond Market have been going down so that the long term rates are now lower than the short term rates. This is called an “inverted yield curve” in the industry. It … Continue reading