Greg Turza 05-17-18

Greg talked about the responsibilities a Trustee has to the beneficiaries of a Trust. He/she must act in the best interests of the beneficiaries but also in accordance to the rules of law and how the Trust was written. Greg … Continue reading

Michael Goldsmith 05-17-18

Mike’s area of practice includes Nursing Home/Medical malpractice, Premises injury and car accidents. He told of a recent case of a bus hitting a car trying to make a left turn on a stale yellow light. The car turned in … Continue reading

Mike Blanski 05-09-18

Mike spoke of some changes he is saying in tax law for 2018. People on the lower tax brackets are seeing the most benefit with lower tax rates. The higher brackets are also getting lower rates but are more limited … Continue reading

Steve Taich 05-09-18

Steve spoke about a new type of long┬áterm health insurance offered by Guaranteed Trust & Life. It can cover up to 365 days of in home care including having a registered nurse come. 60 days of live in care also … Continue reading

Al Garcia 05-02-18

Congratulations to Al on his 30th Anniversary of business! Al specializes in selling refurbished copy machines at big discounts. He has a supplier that leases the machines and Al is very particular to only take the best, least used ones. … Continue reading

Van Schwab 05-02-18

Van spoke about what Illinois divorce law says about “prohibitive” marriages which is when you have or tried to marry your first cousin. It is illegal in most states to do so if you are still of child-bearing age. This … Continue reading

Joy Schaefer 04-25-18

There are four types of clients Joy works with. Live in care: 24/7 in home care billed by the day. Can make difference of living in familiar surroundings and not moving to a nursing home. Come and go: Daily (or … Continue reading

Chuck McKiel 04-25-18

Chuck started working in the family construction business helping his father with heating and air conditioning jobs. He started and taught home inspection classes in four local community colleges. He estimates there are 700 working inspectors that he has taught. … Continue reading

Brad Slavin 04-11-18

Brad gave some advice regarding filing claims. If you make a claim to fix some damage but the amount is under your deductible. You’ll still end up paying for it yourself but the claim will be put on your record … Continue reading

Mark Litin 04-11-18

Mark spoke about the Internet of Things. The ever growing list of network connected items that can be purchased today. Smart watches, refrigerators, thermostats, even insulin pumps. All that can be controlled wirelessly through networks. He told of a time … Continue reading