Arlyn Tratt 10-30-19

El Presidente, Arlyn Tratt, gave us a keen insight into some issues clients may be facing when entering into a multiple buyer situation.  Given the fact that there has been more buyers than inventory, Arlyn’s creative expertise can ensure that … Continue reading

Rich Block 10-23-19

Richard Block came right on time before to make sure we don’t get “screwed” before the holidays.  Handing out screwdrivers, scratchers, and debuting a brand new item which is sure to get your name in front of customers during flu … Continue reading

David Putrus 10-23-19

A veteran in the Skokie banking scene and household name, David Putrus puts in the effort to go above and beyond to earn his customer’s loyalty.  With over 20 years in the industry, and the vast majority spent in family owned … Continue reading

Howard Meyer 10-16-19

Getting the inside scoop and creating opportunity is Howard Meyer’s MO.  In this week’s presentation, he gave us some inside looks on the new and exciting changes that are coming to Skokie from an economic and business development perspective.  Through … Continue reading

Michael Blanski 10-2-19

Fraud is everywhere.  Protecting your business by identifying it before it occurs is essential to your continued success.  Michael Blanski gave us a synopsis from a case report from the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE).  This biannual study provides … Continue reading

John Terzis 10-2-19

Consistency is key to anything we do in life.  At Oakton Investment Management, they’re able to provide the necessary knowledge to nurture growth. John Terzis provided us with some keen insight into the current marketplace, and how his decades long … Continue reading

Steve Taich 09-25-19

Navigating the healthcare system is always confusing, but Steven is able to make the cloudiest vision clear again. Mr. Taich provided us with different ways to help minimize healthcare costs, and also advised us on some types of plans that … Continue reading

Erica Minchella 09-25-19

Well spoken, engaging and professional, Erica was able to provide us with some insight into the current real estate market, and how unfortunately, may be resonating a downward trend. She mentioned that once housing starts begin to decrease (i.e. less … Continue reading

Greg Turza 9-18-19

Gregory Turza is among the few professionals in the estate planning industry in Illinois who thinks outside the box.  Keeping apprised of the codes and procedures, and finding ways to ensure his clients protect their assets is his bread and butter.  … Continue reading

Marty Adelberg 9-18-19

Marty Adelberg is all about helping you save money.  If it’s not the lowest rate you’re currently getting, send him a written price quote from one of his competitors and he’ll meet or beat their offer. He goes above and … Continue reading