Steve Taich 03-07-18

Steve sells insurance to use while you are alive. A perfect example is Disability Insurance which is especially needed for the self-employed. Have you asked yourself: If you can no longer work and bring in income due to illness or … Continue reading

Cathy Gazzolo 03-07-18

Cathy has taken over responsibility for the Chamber website and spoke about proposed changes she’ll be making. Skokie has established a set of colors on a black background that you may have seen on signs across town as part of … Continue reading

Hovig Vartanian 02-21-18

Hovig spoke of the process his office uses in evaluating a patient’s problem areas when they come for an appointment. Most of the diagnosis can be made from talking with the patient. Where is the pain? How long has it … Continue reading

David Putrus 07-21-18

David spoke about the various types of accounts the bank offers to businesses. 1) Free checking for your business and free personal accounts for your employees. No fees, minimum balances or direct deposit requirement. 2) For large commercial accounts doing … Continue reading

Kevin Bander 02-07-18

Kevin’s services are different than the mortgage options given by the typical bank. He can search multiple places¬†to customize the best loan options for his customer. There are many different types of loans depending on what your credit is, what … Continue reading

Ben Fine 02-07-18

Ben described some functions his phones perform to increase your business efficiency. Have your front door buzzer system call your phone so you can talk with the person. Customize a list of phone numbers that should be tried before voicemail. … Continue reading

Arlyn Tratt 01-31-18

Before Arlyn meets with a potential seller he does a lot of research about the property. He looks online to see what the house looks like outside, where rooms are located inside, what nearby schools are like, selling prices of … Continue reading

Erica Minchella 01-31-18

Erica attended the Rogers Park Builders Group Trend Workshop recently. They were making predictions 2 years ahead of different areas. She gave us the chance of making our own predictions. 1) On January 20th of the year, the Dow Jones … Continue reading

Marty Adelberg 01-24-18

Electronic Merchant Systems has two divisions: sales people and independent agents. Marty says the sales division can be very aggressive in promising better rates even sometimes in the cases of soliciting Marty’s own clients.¬† Marty is on the independent agent … Continue reading

Rich Block 01-24-18

Rich stressed the importance of keeping your business in the minds of clients over time. He has previously mentioned the following products that clients are likely to keep and continue to use: small cutting blocks, personalized coasters, scissors, pens, USB … Continue reading