Cathy Gazzolo 12-5-18

Cathy spoke of the changes being made to the WordPress editing screens. Starting with version 5.0, the editing screen will be re-formatted to use multiple “blocks” instead of a single large area where all the content is put. Pictures, text, … Continue reading

Ian Quinlan 12-5-18

Ian spoke of some of the benefits of working with Paylocity that are not just payroll related. Customer service: They answer phone calls quickly and have answers without being bounced around a phone tree. Powerful software: Manage payroll, benefits, reviews, … Continue reading

Hovig Vartanian 11-28-18

Hovig brought in a plastic model of a person’s spinal column and hips. Many seemingly unrelated problems can be traced to misalignments in either area. Knee pain may be resulting from a previous injury that caused your hips to not … Continue reading

Jim Ardito 11-28-18

Jim spoke of the importance of taglines for brand recognition. He named several taglines of famous companies and asked who they were associated with as a demonstration of how well they stick in your mind. Having a good tagline means … Continue reading

Erica Minchella 11-14-18

Erica says the Cook County Recorder of Deeds has decided to expand her job responsibilities to include fraud prevention. This is causing a problem for people who inherit property and what to get their names recorded as the new owners. … Continue reading

David Putrus 11-14-18

David told us about the transition to Byline Bank which is expected to take place toward the end of the first quarter 2019. Byline is a local bank with 55 branches mostly in Chicago. They have been buying out other … Continue reading

Kevin Bander 11-7-18

Kevin spoke about how your credit score can affect your ability to get a mortgage and what you can do about it. Mortgage scores are typically 25-50 less than FICO scores. If you have very good credit (740 and up) … Continue reading

Ben Fine 11-7-18

Ben spoke about having a disaster recovery plan in place so that your business processes can continue in the event of fire, loss of computer data, etc. He echoed Mark Litin’s advice about having an off-site backup of any critical … Continue reading

Marty Adelberg 10-24-18

Marty is working as an independent agent to get more control of operations and a flexibility to always give the lowest processing rates. He will match or beat any written quote from another provider. He encourages everyone to look at … Continue reading

Arlyn Tratt 10-24-18

Arlyn spoke of the top improvements home owners can do to get the best return on their investment when selling. Insulating Attic: energy efficiency savings. 105% return. Freshen up exterior: painting/siding 90% return. Kitchen renovation: smaller better such as painting … Continue reading