Michael Goldsmith 02-19-20

Michael Goldsmith is a good man.  Clearly exhibiting his good intentions through protection of an abused child in his most recent case, he invests the time to ensure all measures are taken to reach a just result.  

In his presentation, Michael provided us with detailed insight in the current case that has been consuming for him.  He mentioned the repeated abuse that has been carried out by a transportation system on a 12 year old autistic child, and the blatancy the employees of the transportation company directed negativity towards this child.

There are many intricacies that Michael has to keep privy to, including identifying charges, non-deligible duty by the employer, as well as damages estimation.  Keeping a delicate balance and ensuring all bases are covered to ensure his client gets the proper support is essential and a foundation for the work he is able to do with all of his clients.

Michael Goldsmith is an industry leader for personal injury cases involving cars, trucks, motorcycles or drones.  He also has the capacity to handle medical and nursing home malpractice cases, to ensure his clients are living with dignity and respect.

To refer clients to him, or simply learn more about the work he does, visit his website at

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